What it takes to become athletic trainer

Today, it very hard to find and start a perfect career that can fulfill you emotionally and give you the great future at the same time. Becoming the athletic trainer may not be something you see very often, that’s why it’s so tempting. However, this career is all about sports, that’s why the candidate must be passionate about it in the first place.

In order to get the best athletic trainer jobs, the candidate must meet some requirements, beginning with proper education and getting the certificate. Nevertheless, the most important thing is taking this job very seriously since someone’s life may depend on it.

What is it all about?

Athletic trainer plays many roles; he must prevent and recognize the injuries, but also take care of the rehabilitation program. Their duty goes even further since they connect the athlete with the entire team and his family, so the psychology is vital in this case. Therefore, successful athletic training is a perfect combination of knowledge, communication and motivation.

Necessary education

If you want to dedicate yourself to this career, you must have at least bachelor degree, and Master’s degree is recommended. This includes many important study fields, such as anatomy and psychology, nutrition, risk management, healthcare administration, and many others. After finishing school, student must pass the NATA’s exam and get the certificate. The exam for athletic trainer includes injury prevention, clinical evaluation, immediate care, treatment and rehabilitation, organization and administration, and professional responsibility. However, that’s not when the journey ends, then comes the harder part – finding a job.

Job possibilities and earnings

There is a wide range of jobs that athletic trainers can do. Most of them work at schools or colleges as a support in different sports activities. There are those who join sports medicine clinics or hospitals, and some just prefer being on their own, so they open training facilities. The best opportunity may be joining the professional sports team, especially when it’s about money.

When it comes to the athletic trainer salary, it depends on job area you choose and how many years of experience you have. Beginners usually have around thirty thousand dollars, but those who have rich experience and work for professional teams may have up to seventy thousand dollars.

Another reason to choose this for your career is a fact that there will always be a necessity to help people in sports activities. If you are passionate for sports, persistent and easy to communicate with, this may be your perfect career.

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